Bieffe, born in 1960, stood out on Coaxial cables production, becoming popular within few time between the first producers on the European and world market for the high mechanical and electrical characteristics of its products. The Company activity takes place in its factory in Busalla, at 15 Km north of Genoa.

The range of products offered vary from satellite, digital, analogical signals cables, till radio frequency cables in military, nautical and private sectors;
Every lines offers different products for every requirements like copper clad steel inner conductor cables, flame retardant pvc and halogen free jacket, polyethylene cables for underground installation.

Through acquired experience together with ongoing technical research, BIEFFE is able to ensure the high quality standards and excellent technical characteristics of its products. Its research program has lead to the acquisition of two utility patents for the manufacture of dielectric and inner conductor, eliminating signal attenuation, without manufacturing by gas expansion process. The careful selection of raw materials suppliers, over 30 years experience and a daily check on product performance permit compliance with appliance standards Bieffe, furthermore, since 2004 bring its products into the European norm RoHS that introduces the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, (TO COME INTO FORCE 01/01/2006).