CO DIGITAL SAT cables are built with SKIN-FOAM-SKIN patented system.
A special material with carbon black covers the inner conductor and the dielectric, giving high electrical characteristics to the cables.

Ensures the central position of the inner conductor inside the dielectric and keeps constant impedance after tight bends impressed to the cable during installation, avoiding empty spaces between the inner conductor and dielectric generated by the pressure of the foam insulation.


The outer skin ensures an higher insulation of the dielectric from humidity; this reduces the degrading of the cable over a period of time and ensure the original features are always kept in respect of the traditional cables.
During installation of a foam dielectric cable, minimum bending ratios, given on the technical specifications, must be observed. Pressing and pulling on the cable must be avoided because as this could generate a variation on dielectric diameter and the consequently change of impedance.
Skin over the dielectric reduces this inconvenience, giving to the cable an higher mechanical resistance and ensuring constant values on impedance.